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The Fit Mom Life to the Fullest Fitness and Nutrition Podcast // All Things HEALTH for the Catholic Mom

Brittany Pearson

Brittany Pearson from Fit Mom Life to the Fullest delves into all things fitness and nutrition as they relate to the young, Catholic, stay-at-home mom. To SERVE well and live your life to the fullest, you need to be operating at your peak. Brittany always promotes health and fitness from the lenses of her Catholic faith--that our bodies are temporary, but that we have a responsibility to care for them. Whether you need to figure out how to make your old routines fit your new lifestyle, or you are looking to establish new, healthy habits for the very first time, Brittany will walk you through it. The world of women's fitness can be confusing, and Brittany works to SIMPLIFY health and fitness for you during these episodes. Figuring out what to eat, what to feed your family, or what type of exercise you should be doing doesn’t have to be rocket science, Brittany breaks it down into simple, everyday terms and provides actionable steps for you to take. Brittany has trained hundreds of women online and in person and as a result, has heard and helped to solve many obstacles that young, stay-at-home moms face in their fitness journeys. She is ready to help you settle into a positive mindset concerning your health, and inspire you to take action in reaching and sustaining your goals. Brittany is here to make living a fit mom lifestyle doable and un-intimidating so that all moms can enjoy this way of life!
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